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Xingyu "Harry" Chen  |  陈 星 宇

Film Director / Photographer / Colorist


Color Reel Cover.jpg

 Colorist Reel

LA Shorts 2.JPG

 Flatulence: The Origin

(Completed, COMING SOON)

Narrative Short Film - Writer/Director/Colorist

Omeleto Promo.JPG

Attached (2022)

Narrative Short - Writer/Director/Colorist 


 Night Vibe

by T-Seals (In Post-Production, COMING SOON)

Music Video - Writer/Director/Colorist


Whirlpool (2021)

Narrative Short Film - Writer/Director


In the Spotlight (2022) 

Narrative Short Film - Cinematographer/Colorist

(Director "Jessica" Qinyue Luo)

For more projects, please visit Xingyu's IMDb Page →


Featured Work


Xingyu Chen, who goes by Harry, is an award-winning film director and photographer based in Los Angeles. 

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Xingyu developed his interest in cinema on the long flights between the United States and China years ago when he first came to the U.S. as an international student. He studied at UC Santa Cruz and earned his B.A. in Film and Digital Media.

With a passion for horror films, Xingyu's work seeks to explore the power of the fear of the unknown, while combining elements from different kinds of genres to break the boundaries. He believes that all fiction films are personal. As a result, his films are strongly affected by his personal life experiences and his bicultural background as an international student. Xingyu has just graduated from Loyola Marymount University with an MFA in Film and Television Production - Directing Fiction. His most recent short film ATTACHED (2022), has received accolades from many film festivals, including an official selection at the Academy-Award-Qualifying Urbanworld Film Festival, a Jury Award at Hollywood New Directors, and a Best Horror of Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA). It's now released on Omeleto, a YouTube short film channel with 3.5M subscribers.


Xingyu on set of his latest film"Flatulence: The Origin" 

BTS Photo by Po Wei Su

Other than film directing, Xingyu also has a strong background in cinematography and post-production color, and has colored dozens of short films during his years in LMU. As a still photographer, Xingyu has years of experience in digital photography, producing high-quality photos for clients, and has comprehensive knowledge of picture editing. 

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